Charting a New Course with Unizen

Campus IT leaders and Steven Cramer, Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning are charting a new course in the exploration of learning management systems at UW Madison.

UW Madison has joined Unizen along with other higher education universities and stepping forward to evaluate an open and flexible learning management system for future use.

Campus advisory groups connected with Unizen progress include the ITC (Information Technology Committee) and TLT-Mag (Teaching and Learning Advisory Group). At MERIT, Catherine Stephens and Linda Endlich have joined a campus group to evaluate and pilot Canvas, an open source learning management system that comes with Unizen.

For more information, follow blog posts from Bruce Maas, UW Madison’s CIO.  Faculty and staff may also contact Catherine Stephens for additional information.

Mediaspace – A New Video Resource for Instruction

Looking for a campus resource that allows faculty, staff or students to upload video segments for instructional use?  Check out UW Madison’s new Mediaspace, a Kaltura video service designed for class use.

Mediaspace brings the ability to upload video segments and share with students via Learn@UW (Desire2Learn or Moodle). 

The campus service is integrated with Learn@UW tools or can be accessed by logging into Mediaspace with your NetID.

Kaltura includes the ability to create channels of video content that can be shared with campus colleagues.  As you upload video, you can add tag video to allow you to search for video stored in your Mediaspace.  Users will also find a simple way to turn on your webcam and create a quick webcast for class.

Mediaspace brings the ability to share copyrighted works with a class behind a NetID password.  For additional information about copyright for digital media assignments, consult the library’s research guide. For more information about Kaltura, check out the tutorials posted at and find help articles about the service shared in the Knowledge Base.   For additional help, please contact Catherine Stephens at MERIT, or arrange a consultation with the Digital Media Center.

Note – the School of Education will continue to utilize YouTube to share outreach and program related video intended for a wide audience.