Individual Technology Plans with SoE Faculty

MERIT staff have reached out broadly to tenure-track School of Education faculty with an invitation to meet and take time to share an overview of faculty work focused on teaching, research and outreach.  Individual technology plan sessions are designed as listening sessions as faculty draw attention to approaches to technology integration and highlight progress, opportunities, and challenges.  MERIT staff take the time to highlight ways in which MERIT staff can assist, and help point faculty to MERIT, SoE and campus resources.

As the first round of interviews winds down, we extend a thank you to all faculty who have taken time to meet.  We look forward to future conversations.  SoE faculty are invited to contact Catherine Stephens to arrange time to meet and reconnect.

Questions posed to individual faculty:
. What are your current teaching, research and outreach interests?
2. Do you have the resources (technology, spaces, knowledge, access to consultants) to teach, research, and provide outreach efficiently and effectively?
3. Can you share any current obstacles, barriers, challenges to efficient/effective use of technology at UW-Madison?
4. What would you like to be doing in your work that you may not be able to do?
5. Who are some of the others you turn to for help with your teaching and research?

Through dialogue and discovery, typical ways we respond:
1. We listen, answer questions, and then recommend specific solutions that address faculty work around teaching, research, outreach, and service.
2. We identify individuals who can help support faculty needs and resolve issues.
3. We point to campus partners, and offer to help introduce faculty to help outside of MERIT.
4. We don’t over-promise, and acknowledge issues that will require more time and resources.  We offer to help explore possible alternatives and solutions.

Strategic Initiative aligned with MERIT’s mission
MERIT (Media, Education Resources and Information Technology) stewards the School of Education’s Information Environment.
The Information Environment (IE) is composed of services that enable discovery, access, design and use of resources for teaching and learning, research, and outreach