Peschek Awarded 2016 Dick & Julie Daly Award

Josh Peschek was awarded the 2016 Dick & Julie Daly Award for Student Service in the School of Education in a School-wide ceremony last week. The award is funded by MERIT’s former director, Jo Ann Carr

For over four years, Josh Peschek has been making a profound difference at MERIT and in the School of Education. In his formal role, Josh is the lead supervisor at our circulation desk. Josh hires, trains, schedules, and supports all of the circulation supervisors and student staff. He also serves as the front-line for the advanced thorny and tricky questions that both users and staff members have. In his informal role, Josh’s impact is felt far outside of the circulation desk. Josh has been nominated and awarded more WOW! (What Outstanding Work) Awards by his peers, than any other MERIT staff member in history.

For his newest WOW! award, Sabrina Messer noted, “Recently, with no advanced prep or warning, Josh led a lengthy discussion and demo of our circulation gear to librarians and tech support staff from College and Steenbock libraries.” Circulation supervisor, Kayleigh Norgord says that “she feels safe working when Josh is working” because she can “ask him anything about anything and he will know the answer.” Janie Beeninga, a circulation staff member and teacher education student, praised Josh’s natural instructional instincts: “Josh always takes advantage of a teachable moment to show us how we can do something new or how we can do something more easily.”  In addition to his approach-ability, staff also appreciate his constant sense of humor.

Josh has helped MERIT usher in a variety of major changes in services.  He has helped support the edTPA pilot equipment (in all of its’ forms:  mini iPad, camcorder and webcam).  He has helped test and implement new equipment for MERIT’s collection like our GoPro cameras and a new PA system.  He continues to give thoughtful recommendations of what equipment MERIT should consider purchasing and which equipment would be wise to sunset.  The biggest change that Josh helped MERIT navigate was the campus transition to a new integrated library software system: ALMA.  This new software touches every aspect and item in circulation.  Josh helped define MERIT needs, train staff on the changes, and traverse the many unexpected challenges that arose during implementation.

Anyone who has ever worked with or for Josh – knows how committed he is to solving problems, and to making everyone’s lives easier. He’s cool under fire and seems literally unflappable. We also know that we are extraordinarily lucky to have him on our staff. He makes MERIT work well!

Josh Peshek was honored in the School’s Distinguished Achievement Awards Ceremony on April 20.