Learning Technology Virtual Conference

On Tuesday April 4 and Wednesday April 5, faculty and academic staff from across the University of Wisconsin System will share tips, tricks, and tales focused on technologies for teaching and learning as part of the annual LTDC Virtual Showcase.

You can tune in to this free online conference to learn about hot topics in higher education, how-tos and resources, strategies for student engagement, and technologies for teaching and learning.

This year’s lineup features sessions on inclusive online learning, Google tools for aspiring teachers, Twitter for teacher education, and more.

Tuesday’s keynote by Thomas Tobin will highlight how to implement Universal Design for Learning principles in the design of online courses. DoIT Academic Technology Sr. Learning Consultant John Martin will lead Wednesday’s keynote in a provocative, interactive session titled “[de-]Humanizing Learning”. MERIT’s Instructional Designer Maria Widmer supported John in developing this session.

For program information on the conference and to register, visit the LTDC Virtual Showcase website.   Conference sessions will be archived for later viewing.   

Kaltura Interactive Video Quizzing

Want to make sure your students are actively engaged while watching course videos? Looking for a way to test understanding, reinforce key concepts, and improve retention of the ideas explored in your online lectures?

Interactive Video Quizzing (IVQ), a feature of Kaltura Mediaspace, allows users to easily embed multiple choice questions into video recordings. In-video quizzes can support self-checks for understanding, link to the Canvas gradebook for formative assessments, and serve as a survey tool to poll viewers.

Harvard University psychologists have found that interpolated quizzing during lecture videos boosts student learning, increases task-relevant behaviors like note taking, and reduces mind wandering (Schacter & Szpunar, 2015).

School of Education faculty are using Kaltura IVQ in their courses, supported by MERIT instructional design partners. Professor of Educational Psychology, Dr. Haley Vlach uses Kaltura quizzing in her new online course to be offered in Summer 2017: Ed Psych 320 – Human Development in Infancy and Childhood. Dr. Vlach embeds questions throughout her videos, challenging students to synthesize information, recall what they have learned, and make inferences about what will happen next.

For more information about learning technologies at UW-Madison, including Kaltura IVQ, please contact Jim Jonas, Catherine Stephens, or Maria Widmer at MERIT.