MERIT Computer Labs

Due to the high demand for MERIT lab space, lab cancellations are strongly advised. For further information please see our computer classroom policies.

1. Purpose of classrooms:

The classrooms supported by the MERIT are intended to provide instructional support for technology and computer based courses in the School of Education. Both Macintosh and PC hardware and software are supported in these classrooms. Room 346 supports 22 Macintosh student workstation, and room 348 supports 14 PC workstations. An instructor’s station with projection equipment is also provided in each classroom.

MERIT Staff will select the software provided on the classroom computers based on funding and the ability of the software to support multiple users. Faculty members may make recommendations regarding appropriate software and are encouraged to work with MERIT staff to identify and develop funding sources.

2. Reservation procedures for assignment of classrooms as recurring classroom space:

To reserve these spaces see our online reservation form. Prior to scheduling, please review reservation guidelines to determine the earliest possible reservation date.

3. Criteria for allocation of space on a recurring basis:

  • Courses that require student use of computers at each class meeting or for specified class sessions will be assigned to the computer classrooms as their regular classroom space. Classroom space will only be assigned for official course meeting times when an instructor will be present.
  • If two courses request a classroom at the same time, the instructors of the course will be asked to negotiate a plan for use of the space. If these instructors cannot agree on a plan that meets the needs of both courses, MERIT staff will decide the assignment of space.
  • Faculty members who are granted a reservation of a classroom space and do not use that space will be contacted once to determine if the space is still needed. Failure to use reserved space more than two times in a semester without prior notice to MERIT staff will be considered a forfeiture of the reservation for the remainder of the semester.

4. Reservation procedures for assignment of classrooms as occasional classroom space or for non-credit activities:

Faculty members, teaching assistants and School of Education staff may request the use of lab classrooms as well as room 336 for up to five individual class sessions and workshops per semester for which group access to the equipment and software will improve the instructional objectives of the class or workshop. Requests to reserve these classrooms for occasional use will be honored on a first-come, first-serve basis. However, MERIT staff strongly recommend that reservations be made prior to the beginning of the semester in which the room will be needed.

5. Reservation procedures for use of classrooms by units external to the School of Education:

University units and departments which are not a part of the School of Education may request use of the classrooms after the beginning of the semester in which the space will be needed within one month before the date of the event Requests will be honored if the space has not been reserved for School of Education use.

6. Use of the classrooms outside the MERIT Library’s hours of service:

If classrooms are scheduled for individual class sessions and workshops during times when the MERIT is not open for service, the sponsoring department or unit will be responsible for paying MERIT during the hours of the class session or workshop. The MERIT classroom coordinator will determine the appropriate staffing for each event. Requests for scheduling of space outside posted MERIT Library hours must be made at least one month in advance in order to allow time to secure staffing for the date needed.  Please note that reservations outside normal operating hours are not guaranteed, availability will be determined by MERIT Classroom Coordinator.  MERIT will provide a cost estimate for the reservation prior to final confirmation.

7. Use of the classrooms when not scheduled for recurring or occasional classes or workshops:

Faculty, staff, students and other clients of the MERIT may use the computers in the classrooms when these rooms are not scheduled for classes or workshops. Individuals using the computers in rooms 346 and 348 are expected to follow the MERIT User rights and responsibilities policy for the use of computer equipment.

MERIT Computer User Rights and Responsibilities


All clients of the UW-Madison MERIT may use the computers available in rooms 301 and 336 for support of instruction, research and art production. Computers in rooms 346 and 348 may also be used when these areas are not scheduled for classes or workshops. Assistance with basic functions of software programs will be provided by MERIT staff members.

Students, staff and faculty of the School of Education may reserve the use of a specific piece of equipment with computer lab staff. Reservations must be made at least four hours before the intended use and will provide the student, staff or faculty member with access to the specified piece of equipment for a period of up to three hours. Those who arrive thirty minutes after the beginning of the reserved time forfeit their reservation. Users who need specialized or adaptive equipment have priority on those workstations.


All users of the equipment agree to assume the responsibilities listed below. Failure to do so will result in a request to leave the lab. Repeated abusers of these responsibilities may forfeit access to this equipment and entry to the MERIT.

  1. Users agree to respect the U.S. Copyright law and will not make copies of copyrighted software/documentation. Making copies is a violation of the UW Discipline code and Wisconsin Criminal Code. The University will prosecute to the fullest extent all persons apprehended for such violations.
  2. Users are allowed to bring food/lidded drink items into rooms 336, 346 and 348 and are responsible for damage caused by these items and for cleaning any debris or spills.
  3. Users agree to discontinue work five minutes prior to the closing of the MERIT or when the equipment has been reserved by another user.
  4. Users agree to pay for all output printed from the MERIT Printers.
  5. Users agree to use equipment and software for the purposes for which it was intended and in such a way that equipment and software will not be damaged.
  6. Users agree to take responsibility to learn software and hardware through workshops, classes, consultations, manuals, tutorials, and other educational avenues.
  7. Users agree to use one computer at a time.
  8. Users agree to use the University’s wireless internet connection for personally owned hardware. Users agree to not detach cables or open hardware.
  9. Users agree to report any suspected problems with lab equipment to lab staff for troubleshooting.
  10. Users agree to follow campus IT policies, including policies for responsible use (Responsible Use Policy)