Employment at MERIT

Full-Time Staff Positions

MERIT is hiring for a System Engineer.

We’re hiring! MERIT is seeking a system engineer to support our enterprise hardware, software and network systems serving the diverse needs of our faculty, staff and students.

The most important skills we’re seeking include a passion for troubleshooting, collaborating, planning and communicating, to ensure development and delivery of excellent IT services to our community. The application deadline is March 6, 2020.

For more information, visit https://jobs.hr.wisc.edu/en-us/job/504381/system-engineer.

Student Assistant Positions

We’ll be honest, but not humble. We have the best student staff members in the world! Our students are the backbone of MERIT, and are often in the position of providing critical support and service to our users. Luckily for us, our users (primarily students, staff, and faculty in School of Education units, departments, and courses) are also great!

What is MERIT?  It stands for Media, Education Resources and Information Technology. We formed by merging three previously separate entities (a library, a media development/production unit, and the School of Education’s IT office).

We know that our student staff often have the best and most creative suggestions and ideas for improving what we do. We typically have a range of positions that are available in lots of different areas: library circulation & equipment, library reference (service desk), library technical services, IT help desk (service desk), and special projects.

MERIT is dedicated to providing top quality service to its users, as well as providing top quality employment experiences for our staff. We encourage initiative, troubleshooting, and creativity. We care about you as a person, and want to encourage your success. Supervisory positions may also be available after on-the job experience is gained. We celebrate frequently (bowling, trivia, terrace) and enjoy potlucks and treats together throughout the year! We try very hard to supplement the hourly rate with a great work environment.

Please consider applying to join the ranks of our fantastic staff!

Student Staff
We are ALWAYS accepting applications for student staff. We may not have always have an immediate opening. but if you’re awesome, we definitely want to find a way to get you on our staff. If you have already submitted an application in the past, but have a new schedule for the semester/summer – please send it our way.

To apply, visit:  Work at MERIT.

You will be asked to sign in with a current email address in order to fill out the employment form. Most positions are between $10/hour and $13/hour depending on level of responsibility.

Contact us via email at askmerit@education.wisc.edu with any questions.