Address Screen Tutorial

The Address screen contains fields for both your physical office address and web page addresses.  You may enter multiple addresses on this screen.  Please note that information added to these fields will appear on your web-bio screen.

 Editing the Addresses Screen

  1. The first screen in the addresses section of the software is a summary screen. If you have an item in the summary, hover the cursor over the item and it will turn red, indicating that is a link. Click on the item to edit.
    Address screen image 1
  2. If you do not have an item in the summary, or if you would like to add a second item, click on the +Add A New Item button.
    Address Screen Step 1 image
  3. The top portion of the screen has fields for your physical campus address.
  4. The lower half of the screen has fields for you to enter web site addresses, links to YouTube videos on the School of Education channel. You may enter as many websites as you would like. There is a limit of one YouTube link.  The bottom portion of the screen is where you can enter the street address of your building.
    Address screen step 2 image
  5. Click on Save, Cancel, or Save and Add Another button.