Name Screen Tutorial

The Name screen contains much more information than just your name. Also found on the name screen: fields to enter your teaching interests, research interests, keywords associated with your teaching and research, and a brief biography statement.

Editing the Name Screen

  1. After following the Name link, you will be directed to a form into which you can enter information. The upper portion of the form contains fields for entering your name and keywords related to your research and teaching activities. 
    Name screen image 1
  2. In the middle area of the form, you can self-identify yourself for the purposes of diversity data gathering.  This information is used only generally, by the School of Education Equity and Diversity Committee.  This information does not appear on your web bio page.

    The lower portion of the form, there are fields in which you can type a brief biography and brief summaries of your teaching and research interests. The information you type into these three fields will appear on your online web bio page.
    Name screen image: bio, teaching, and research interests and upload CV Image

  3. When you are done entering information, remember to click Save at the top of the page.
    Cancel Save image