Manage Activities Overview

When you first visit this page, it would be good to spend a few minutes looking through the screens accessible from it. To access a screen, click its name. The resulting summary screen displays records that are stored for that screen. There are six possible actions you can take from the resulting screen, although not all of these actions will always be available:

  • To add a new record, select the Add New Item button.
  • To import items in bulk, select the Import Items button (available only for the Intellectual Contributions screen).
  • To delete a record, select the appropriate check box, then select the trash can button.
  • To copy a record, select the appropriate check box, then select the Duplicate button.
  • To edit or view a record, click anywhere in the record row on the summary screen.

Note: Your Digital Measures Administrator may have added records to the system for you. These records can be viewed, but cannot be edited or deleted.
A lock icon identifies these records. If revisions are needed to the records which have been entered on your behalf, contact your Digital Measures Administrator using the Help link.

Saving Records

When working in the system, it is important that you preserve modifications by selecting one of the Save buttons at the top of the screen. If you attempt to navigate away from a screen containing unsaved changes, a warning message will display to determine whether you would like to return to the screen and save your modifications before proceeding.


The screens available from the Manage Activities tab and all of the fields on them have been customized for your campus. These can still be changed in any way needed. To propose changes that you would like to see made, contact your Administrator using the Help link.