NSF Biographical Sketch Screen Tutorial

Digital Measures allows you to create multiple biographical sketches with information previously entered into the database. You can name your sketches for each grant application. The sketches can be saved, duplicated and edited for future applications.

NSF screen image 1

The first screen is a summary screen of your NSF biographical sketch entries. Click on an entry to edit the item.

Create a new NSF biographical sketch

  1. Click on +Add a New Item.
  2. Enter an identifying label for your biographical sketch. This label is not printed in the report. Rather, it is used for identification when you have multiple sketches.
  3. Select the publications that should be displayed whenever this record is used to generate a Biographical Sketch report. The report will display these publications in the order in which they are entered here, provided they match the reporting criteria. Please click the help icon for each question for more information.
    You may enter up to 10 publications or patents for inclusion in the NSF Biographical Sketch report. Additional entries will not be printed. The first five publications or patents will appear as the five “most relevant” products on the NSF Biographical Sketch report.
    NSF screen image 2
    To include additional publications, indicate the quantity and click on +Add in the shaded Publications and Patents box.
  4. The lower portion of the NIH screen is a shaded Synergistic Activities box. You may enter up to 5 items, which will appear under this heading in the NSF Biographical Sketch report.
    NSF screen image 3
    To add more than one activity, select the appropriate number in the shaded Synergistic Activity box and click on +Add.
  5. When you have completed entering information on this screen, click Save or Save +Add Another.
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