Department Service Screen Tutorial

The first screen is a summary screen of your department service entries. Click on an entry to edit the item.

Department screen image 1

Create a new item

  1. Click on +Add a New Item.
  2. The top portion of the department service screen is general information about the committee. It is important to enter date information for the data to report correctly.Department service screen image 2
  3. Indicate whether or not you would like the information to appear on your web profile.
    Display on web button image
  4. The lower portion of the department service screen has fields that capture additional details about the committee.  In many cases, you may have different roles on the committee at different times.  To add additional roles, indicate the number of additional roles you would like to add and click on +Add at the bottom of the shaded committee details box.  You will need to enter the information in chronological order, with the oldest date period first.
    Department service screen image 3
  5. Click Save or Save +Add Another.
    Cancel Save Add Image

Quick Tip: To record membership on a committee during two separate time periods, use the bottom portion of the screen to indicate membership periods.