Poster Printing

Poster printing is currently unavailable at MERIT Library.  We hope to provide this service again later in the semester. Please contact our public service desk staff for questions.

What is large-format poster printing?  Conference posters, signage, promotional posters, and more can be printed using the large-format poster printer in MERIT Library for a reasonable price.

MERIT also sells cardboard poster tubes (42″ long, 3″ diameter) that can be purchased for $3.10

Available to

  • UW-Madison School of Education faculty, staff, and students
  • UW-Madison faculty, staff, and students
  • UW-System faculty and staff
  • PK12 community
  • Guests of the UW-Madison School of Education


  • Poster printing ends one hour before the Library closes
  • Files must be properly sized in PDF format
  • One dimension of printed poster must be under 41″
  • During certain times of the year, the poster printer may be very busy.  Please prepare accordingly.


  • $4 per square foot
  • MERIT accepts Wiscard, Department Card, and Print Card for all printing and laminating services.