Equipment Loan Policy


Anyone may use MERIT equipment in the library. Students enrolled in a School of Education course, and/or faculty & staff working for a department or unit in the School of Education are eligible to check out equipment from MERIT. All users are required to fill out an equipment use agreement form each academic term.


  • Are held until closing on the 1st day of your reservation & will be canceled at closing
  • Are first-come, first-served (in person, on the phone, or online)
  • Are not guaranteed, if there is a problem we will do our best to contact you
  • When made for the same type of equipment multiple times, you must allow 4 days in between loans
  • May be made for up to half of any available type of equipment (i.e. if we have 6 camcorders, 3 may be reserved)

Loan Periods

  • Are typically for 4 days and 3 nights. (Note: Loan periods may be shortened during periods of high demand)
  • You may request 2 extended loans per semester. Extended loans may not exceed 10 days
  • Equipment may be renewed for one additional period if it is not reserved for another user
  • You may not renew extended items & you may not extend renewed items
  • Equipment cannot be renewed using MadCat

Due Dates

  • Equipment that is not returned to MERIT Library by 1 hour prior to closing on the date it is due, is overdue
  • You are responsible for knowing the MERIT Library closing times & due dates
  • You may check equipment due dates on MadCat using My MadCat Account
  • You may check MERIT hours on-line or by phone, (608)263-4750
  • If you are unable to return equipment by closing on the date it is due, contact MERIT at (608)263-4750, if we are not open, please leave a message
  • Patrons with severely overdue equipment (> 5 days) are subject to having their borrowing privileges revoked, UW Police and/or the Dean of Students may be contacted

Overdue Fines

  • Overdue fines are $20 per day per piece of equipment

Missing Parts

  • Equipment is only considered returned once all parts have been returned
  • We double-check and double-discharge all equipment between check-outs
  • We strongly encourage borrowers to double-check equipment before leaving the MERIT Library—once the equipment has left the library, you will be held responsible for any missing parts
  • You agree to accept financial responsibility for the replacement of any missing parts and a processing fee of $10

General Reminders

  • MERIT is not responsible for any damaged or lost data incurred while using our equipment
  • You are expected to adhere to the UW-Madison Information Technology

Appropriate Use Guidelines

  • MERIT does not charge equipment batteries
  • You are asked to return equipment with fully charged batteries
  • If you are using this equipment in PreK-12 schools, please protect the privacy of those individuals when using and/or storing any of the images or footage
  • You agree to report any and all problems with the equipment
  • You agree to accept responsibility for loss, theft, damage, and/or replacement of the equipment or equipment parts
  • Patrons who violate these policies may have their MERIT equipment borrowing privileges suspended or revoked

Microfiche Reader Circulation

  • Anyone using a valid U.W.-Madison I.D or GLS Borrowers Card may check out a portable microfiche reader.
  • No renewals are allowed.
  • An overdue charge of $20.00 per day will be assessed.
  • Microfiche readers are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

After Hours Use of Media Equipment

MERIT Library Media Services and equipment may be used within the library by School of Education classes when the library is not scheduled to be open. The following conditions must be met:

  • The course content necessitates the use of MERIT equipment for that particular class session
  • The MERIT Director is notified of the need a minimum of two weeks prior to the date needed
  • MERIT staff are present during the time the class is meeting within the library and assume responsibility for the maintenance of the facility. Regular MERIT services will not generally be available

When the above conditions are met, each School of Education class may meet in the MERIT Library after regularly posted hours one time each semester or summer session.