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Technology Baseline Project: An Impact 2030 Initiative

With Dean Hess and Chief Financial Officer Hendrickson’s support, MERIT is launching a Technology Baseline project that will be offered to all departments in the School of Education. Each year for the next eight years, 8-10 spaces will undergo significant technological upgrades. The majority of the installation work will be completed over the summer term due to greater room availability.

If you have questions about the project, please email

We use the following criteria to guide our decisions about the schedule of room upgrades:

  • The priorities of departments and units.
  • The number of support calls/emails that MERIT and the Business Office receive for a given space.
  • The rate of use for a given space and the number of people who use that space.
  • And any known deficiencies within spaces. For example, if we know that a room does not have videoconferencing capabilities, it might get moved towards the top of the list.

The baseline technology package will be funded by the School of Education, not by units/departments.

We recognize that some spaces may have specialized needs or uses requiring equipment that goes beyond the baseline. For example, there may be a need for wireless microphones for instructors or additional displays in very large classrooms.

We consult with stakeholders before starting any lifecycle replacement work to see if additional equipment is needed. Those needs are incorporated into the plans for that space.

Any specialized equipment beyond the baseline package will be paid for by the unit.

131 Teaching EducationThe new technology baseline package includes support and funding for:

  • Appropriately-sized wall-mounted display or a projector and screen
  • Amplified audio
  • Conferencing camera and microphone
  • Controller device to select inputs such as HDMI, USB-C, and so on.
  • Small integrated workstation.

Spaces will be designed with “bring your own device” support in mind.

Rooms for 2023

Here are the rooms that we have selected to upgrade this year.

  • Education Building: 298
  • Teacher Education Building: 243

Rooms for 2022

Here are the rooms that we have selected to upgrade this year.

  • Education Building: 327, 427
  • Medical Sciences Center: 2150, 3150
  • Teacher Education Building: 215, 220, 229, 267, 438, 566
  • Humanities 7451, 6241G