Who We Are

Our Mission

MERIT connects people, information, and technology in an inclusive and engaged environment. Through reliable and proactive service, we empower the UW-Madison School of Education community to achieve innovation and excellence in teaching, learning, and research throughout the world.

Our Vision

MERIT leads the School of Education community in its efforts to discover, access, contextualize, design, protect, and support information and technology to empower teaching, learning, research, and innovation.

Our Values Statement

MERIT is committed to creating an intentional space and culture where people of diverse identities are included and respected. We acknowledge structural power imbalances and pledge to take direct action toward a more just environment for all who provide and use our services. We are dedicated to continuous improvement in our accessibility and anti-oppression work. We seek to honor individual lived experiences, recognize intersectionality, and cultivate better opportunities for people of all backgrounds.

If you are interested in finding out more about MERIT’s Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
action plan contact MERIT Director, Anna Lewis

Our Staff

David Baik

Position title: IT Rotator

Email: dsbaik@wisc.edu

Chris Dowling

Position title: Systems Administrator

Email: cdowling@wisc.edu

Jason Erdmann

Position title: IT Project Manager

Email: jason.erdmann@wisc.edu

Kris Glodoski Wolf

Position title: Public Services Manager

Email: kris.glodoski.wolf@wisc.edu

James Hawker

Position title: IT/AV Specialist

Email: jhawker@wisc.edu

Sam Hogenson

Position title: System Engineer

Email: shogenson@wisc.edu

Nicole Isaacs

Position title: Public Services Librarian

Email: nisaacs@wisc.edu

Rabia Jan

Position title: Instructional Technology Support Specialist

Email: rjan3@wisc.edu

Lisa Jansen

Position title: IT Director

Email: eajansen@wisc.edu

August Jirovec

Position title: IT/AV Specialist

Email: jirovec@wisc.edu

Jim Jonas

Position title: Library & Research Services Manager

Email: james.jonas@wisc.edu

Jackson Kestner

Position title: Security Engineer

Email: jwkestner@wisc.edu

Anna Lewis

Position title: Director of Academic Technology & Libraries

Email: anna.lewis@wisc.edu

David Marcou

Position title: Multimedia Designer

Email: dlmarcou@wisc.edu

Austin Proctor

Position title: Instructional AV Technician

Email: aproctor3@wisc.edu

Lauren Scanlon

Position title: Instructional Designer

Email: lpscanlon@wisc.edu

Lynn Schiappacasse

Position title: Technical Services Librarian

Email: lynn.schiappacasse@wisc.edu

Ella Tschopik

Position title: IT Help Desk Supervisor

Email: ella.tschopik@wisc.edu

Kevin Tschopik

Position title: IT Consultant (Kinesiology Focus)

Email: ktschopik@wisc.edu

Bill Weber

Position title: Interim Teaching, Learning, & Technology Manager

Email: bill.weber@wisc.edu

Adam Wiesenfarth

Position title: User Support Specialist III

Email: ajwiesen@wisc.edu

Lori Zradicka

Position title: Administrative Manager

Email: lori.zradicka@wisc.edu

Student Staff at MERIT

Student Staff

We’ll be honest, but not humble. We have the best student staff members in the world! Our students are the backbone of MERIT, and are often in the position of providing critical support and service to our users. We know that our student staff often have the best and most creative suggestions and ideas for improving what we do. We encourage initiative, troubleshooting, and creativity. We care about you as a person, and want to encourage your success. We celebrate frequently. We try very hard to supplement the hourly rate with a great work environment.

More good news! We are ALWAYS accepting applications for student staff! We may not have always have an immediate opening, but if you’re awesome, we definitely want to find a way to get you on our staff. If you have submitted an application in the past, but have a new schedule for the semester/summer, please send an update our way.

We offer student roles in the following areas: public service desk, technology support, library collections, instructional design, and other special projects. Most positions pay between $12-$14/hour, depending on level of responsibility.

To apply, please complete the Work at MERIT online form (and someone will follow-up). If you have a questions, please feel free to contact us via email at library@education.wisc.edu