IT Support


The answers to many common IT questions can be found in our Knowledgebase.

MERIT strives to support and enhance the School of Education’s (SoE’s) position in an increasingly global and competitive digital environment by anticipating the technological needs of SoE’s teaching, learning and research functions.

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Network Accounts & Access

The University provides faculty, staff, and students a variety of computing resources and online services. A UW NetID (an account name that identifies you as a member of the University of Wisconsin-Madison community) and password is required to access most of these services. MERIT manages the SoE-AD account which authorizes access to SoE computers, printers and servers.

Data Jack Activation
As requested by users or identified during consultations, MERIT will activate data jacks in your space to provide wired network connections for your computers and other devices.

Data Restore
MERIT Staff can help to restore data that has been backed up to a School of Education server.

Network Drive Access (SoE-AD Accounts)
MERIT provisions SoE-AD accounts to users in the school to log in to desktop Windows computers and to connect to our network drives.

Password Reset
MERIT can assist you in resetting your SoE-AD password.  We can advise on the process for resetting campus level passwords.

Secure Wireless Access (WiscVPN)
MERIT will assist with installing, configuring, and connecting a campus VPN connection on your device.

Desktop Security

MERIT works closely with the Wisconsin Center for Education Research (WCER) Technical Services and the Division of Information Technology (DoIT) to safeguard the School of Education’s computing resources and data. Together we provide services such as desktop configuration, authentication systems, antivirus software, firewalls and network monitoring.


MERIT staff provide a number of options for accessing and learning about compatible software resources.

Software Installation
MERIT will install basic productivity and security software, and install or assist with installing special title requests.

Software License Consultation
MERIT will consul with you on campus software and single-user software to ensure proper licensing.

Software Support
MERIT will troubleshoot the functionality of your software to ensure that it runs correctly on your computer.

Software Updates
MERIT utilizes remote services and onsite support to ensure that you have all the most appropriate software updates.


MERIT consultants evaluate computing needs and recommend computers, printers and other peripherals that let faculty and staff accomplish their work goals. Hardware installation, computer maintenance and assistance with warranty repairs are also offered by MERIT consultants.

Computer Installation
MERIT will configure software on your newly purchased machine and install the computer.

Computer Memory Installation
MERIT will recommend memory to purchase and install it in your campus computer at your request.

Computer Purchase Consultation
MERIT will help assess your computing needs and recommend replacement computers as needed.

Computer Repair
MERIT will work to repair your University owned computer according to the guidelines in our hardware support policy.

Local Printer Installation
MERIT will connect your local printer to your computer at you request.

Network Printer Installation
MERIT will install networked printers on your computer at your request.

Peripheral Device Installation
MERIT will install peripherals including speakers, scanners, etc. on your campus owned computer.

Peripheral Device Purchase Consultation
MERIT will assess your computing needs and recommend peripherals for purchase.

Help Desk

The MERIT Help Desk is the School’s central support service for IT, especially in the areas of systems trouble, network connectivity, and the use of supported desktop applications.

Network Printing
MERIT can help you map your computer to a network printer.

Real-time Remote Support
MERIT may troubleshoot your computer problems using a real-time remote support software called Bomgar.

Request Tracker (RT) Ticketing System
MERIT tracks help requests, support efforts, and user communications using the Request Tracker system.

Web Hosting

MERIT consults with faculty and staff who want a website to ensure the campus offerings are a good fit. We also collaborate with the School’s Office of Communications and Advancement on hosting department and unit websites. Individual faculty and staff who want to quickly post a site can make an online request with their campus NetID to WiscWeb. WiscWeb provides a free WordPress website based on the UW theme and approved plugins. In addition to WiscWeb, departments can also request a site from DoIT Web Hosting. DoIT WebHosting offers free HTML-only (static) sites and a set of fee-based service levels for dynamic and database-driven web sites.