MERIT Library accepts reserve requests at any time and processes them in the order they are received. Processing delays should be expected at the beginning of the semester. Please place your requests as early as possible so the reserves will be available for students when the semester begins.

All reserve items will be removed at the end of the semester unless instructors have notified MERIT Library that the materials will be needed in the next semester.

Physical Reserve Collection: Add Library Materials

If MERIT Library does not already own the materials, we can arrange to borrow or will purchase most items.

Physical Reserve Collection: Add Personal Copies/Course Packets

Fill out the MERIT Library Printable Reserve Form and submit it to Donna Meicher in room 368 of MERIT Library along with your personal copies of the materials. Unbound course packets of readings will be placed in an expandable file and all course packets will be shelved under the department & course number as a “reader.”

MERIT Library is not responsible for damage or loss of personal copies of materials.

Electronic Reserves: Change in Service

As of August 13th, 2018 the UW-Madison Libraries will be retiring Library Course Pages (LCPs) and transitioning to a Canvas based reserves interface.

E-reserves will now be e-readings and hosted within Canvas.  While this will no longer be a library hosted service, library staff are available to assist with e-reading pages within Canvas.  This may include converting old LCP pages to Canvas pages, creating new content, managing files and links, or consulting on matters related to copyright and fair use.

Please contact Donna Meicher ( or Anjali Bhasin ( for help with your Canvas e-readings.

Additional information about reserves & copyright at UW-Madison is available at:
UW-Madison Libraries Course Reserves & Materials