Network Drive Access (SoE-AD Accounts)

MERIT hosts departmental and individual network drives to store your campus work.  These drives are accessible via Windows and Mac computers using SoE-AD credentials.  Departmental drive access must be requested by departmental admins on your behalf.

Available to

  • UW-Madison School of Education faculty and staff
  • Student staff of the UW-Madison School of Education


  • MERIT does not support all of the accounts School of Education faculty, staff, and students may currently use or need to use.  Some examples of these non-supported accounts include: NetID Campus Administrative and Business System accounts like 3270, InfoAccess, ISIS, FSSoE Student Portfolio accounts, and WCER project accounts.
  • Department administrators should include the following information when requesting access on behalf of another: department, whether the person should have access to the department share drive, and what restricted share folders the person should be given access to, if any.
  • Request for student access must be made by department chair or unit director and the student must be employed by a department of unit of the School of Education

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