Equipment Loan Policies

By checking out MERIT equipment with your current UW WisCard you agree to and accept the following equipment borrowing policies:

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Loan periods

  • Most loans are first-come, first-serve. Reservations are available for select items (see “list of reservable items” below)
  • Most items are available for a 1-week loan
  • Equipment designated as reservable may have shorter loan periods
  • Slightly longer loan periods will be considered on a case-by-case basis. If you wish to extend a loan on MERIT equipment, please contact
  • Consecutive checkouts for the same item by the same person are not allowed.
  • General wait time between checkouts is 3 days.

Pickup & return

  • Items are available from the MERIT Public Service Desk, located in the MERIT library.
  • Equipment must be returned to the MERIT Public Service Desk
  • All items must be returned at least one hour before closing on the day that the item is due.
  • If you return equipment after the due date, you may be charged overdue fines. The standard maximum loan period is 1 week (minor extensions can sometimes be arranged).

Reservations (limited)

  • Select equipment can be reserved throughout the semester. To set-up a reservation, please contact
  • Reservations are not guaranteed; all loans are based on availability of item(s). If there is a problem we will do our best to contact you.
  • All reservations, once confirmed, are held until closing on the 1st day of your reservation & will be cancelled at closing.

List of reservable items

  • Professional quality Sony HD digital camcorder (quantity = 1)
  • GoPro HER03+ camera (quantity = 5)
  • Digital SLR cameras (quantity = 9)
  • DSLR lens filter kit (quantity = 3)
  • DSLR flash (quantity = 1)
  • Point-and-shoot Canon digital cameras (quantity = 18)
  • Slide projector (quantity  = 1)
  • Film projector (quantity = 1)
  • Projector kit (quantity = 1)
  • iPad Air kit (quantity = 1)
  • Podcasting kit (quantity = 3)
  • Microfiche reader (quantity = 1)

Fines & missing parts

  • Equipment is only considered returned once all parts have been returned.
  • We strongly encourage you to double-check equipment before leaving the library.
  • Once the equipment has left the MERIT Public Service Desk, you will be held responsible for any missing parts.
  • You agree to accept financial responsibility for the replacement of any missing parts and a processing fee of $10.
  • You may be held responsible if any items are lost or damaged while under your care.
  • Overdue charges are $20/day.
  • Replacement costs for some equipment exceeds $1,500! Ensure that the equipment is well secured.
  • If there is a fine on your account, you will not be able to check out any equipment (MERIT item or otherwise) from any location until all fines are paid in full.

General Reminders:

  • You are expected to adhere to UW System Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources guidelines, available at
  • MERIT is not responsible for any damaged or lost data incurred while using MERIT equipment.
  • MERIT does not charge equipment batteries. You are asked to return equipment with fully charged batteries.
  • If you are using this equipment in PreK-12 schools, please protect the privacy of those individuals when using and/or storing any of the images or footage.
  • You agree to report any and all problems with the equipment.
  • You agree to accept responsibility for the loss, theft, damage, and/or replacement of the equipment and/or the equipment parts.
  • Patrons who violate these policies are subject to having their MERIT equipment borrowing privileges suspended or revoked.