Computer Purchase Consultation

Purchasing Equipment

MERIT consultants evaluate computing needs and recommend computers, printers and other peripherals that let faculty and staff accomplish their work goals. Specifications and setup are included. Computer maintenance and assistance with warranty repairs are also included.

Current specifications will be updated on the SoE Knowledgebase.


MERIT recommends that departments and units receiving technical support from MERIT IT Consultants work closely with their consultant when planning department/unit computer or technology-related purchases. MERIT can not guarantee any technical support for purchases made without prior consult or for purchases that go against recommendations.

MERIT has contacts with State approved vendors, and can work on combining orders to get bulk pricing discounts, whenever possible. This provides departments with the most machine for the money. From a support standpoint, MERIT can standardize technology purchases among fewer models, enhancing the ability to support department computers and peripherals, and ensuring compatibility with the technology environment. MERIT can also make appropriate recommendations on needed warranties.

If the recommended specifications do not meet the needs of departments, units, or individuals, MERIT staff will work to identify the computer or peripheral that will meet the need. MERIT also works closely with local technology contacts to coordinate the whole process from ordering to delivery and setup to continued support.