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  • March 10 Update

    Greetings Instructors, Happy Wednesday! I am running low on authentic greetings that strike the right balance between optimism and exhaustion. That said, we are ten days from the first day of Spring. We were also …

  • January 21 Update

    Greetings Spring 2021 Instructors, Hello and Happy New Year! We are once again reaching out with available support for your spring courses. As before, these messages will be archived on the MERIT Instructional Support page. The …

  • December 18 Update

    Greetings Spring 2021 Instructors, Today, we are reaching out with support available for your spring courses. We will be sending semi-regular emails prior to the spring semester with tips, resources, and reminders. These messages will …

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Support Specific to Individuals

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SoE Teaching Innovation Grants

Spring instruction will continue to require some School of Education instructors to invest time reconfiguring their courses for physically distanced in-person instruction, hybrid, or remote delivery. These grants are designed to compensate SoE instructors (faculty, academic staff, and teaching assistants) who anticipate making significant changes to their courses that will require time beyond the normal workday, and who also want assistance from professional development and instructional designers. Grant recipients will consult with an instructional designer, complete at least one professional development activity, and submit their Canvas courses for review. Details and a link to the application are hereApplications are due by December 10.

Campus Innovation Grants

Campus Innovation Grants are available for Spring 2021 — $5,000 (individual) and $15,000 (departmental/disciplinary) for spring course redesign. Applications are due by December 30th.

Instructional Design Consultations

Instructional Design Consultations are available on a one-on-one or departmental basis. During these consultations, some of the things we can assist with include the following:

  • Organizing your courses effectively
  • Improving student-to-student and instructor-to-student interactions
  • Designing activities for a physically distanced in-person course

SoE Canvas Sandbox for Online Engagement Strategies

SoE Canvas Sandbox for Online Engagement Strategies (self-directed) is a place for instructors to test/sample different engagement strategies. The link sends you to Canvas with an “Enroll in Course” button


TechTAs are student-hourly employees that provide support for your synchronous online courses.

Training for Remote Teaching (for TAs)

The School of Education & campus is offering an eight-day online, asynchronous training for Teaching Assistants focused on translating their TA role to a remote environment. We encourage all new spring TAs to enroll. (January 4-13)

Support for Materials

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Software/Hardware Purchases

Software / Hardware purchases for fall preparation 

  • Camtasia — screen capture/lecture recording software that users can install on their home computers 
  • VoiceThread — cloud-based discussion software that allows easier commenting on media (images/videos)
  • Laptops  
  • eBooks/books for short-term and/or long-term loan
  • Whiteboards/Markers
  • Video cameras/tripods/webcams for home recording
  • Lecture capture (physical access to space in MERIT Library)
  • Walkthroughs in your assigned teaching space to train on the technologies present

Course Book Reserves

Self-Paced Support for Individuals

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Instruction Toolkit

The Instruction Toolkit (in Canvas and self-directed) provides information on the following:

  • Readiness criteria
  • Student engagement
  • Inclusivity & accessibility
  • Assessment
  • Canvas help
  • Video resources
  • Professional development
  • Specialty topics

Remote Teaching ToolKit

Facilitated Support for Multiple People

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The Discussion Project Virtual

The Discussion Project Virtual is an online training for designing and implementing equitable, inclusive, and engaging online (rather than in-person) discussion.


TeachOnline@UW is a long-standing, comprehensive, and free faculty learning community is intended for instructors who are new to — or want to explore and apply more in-depth best practices — designing (or re-designing) and teaching online, credit courses.

Other Opportunities