Real-time Remote Support

Depending on your geographic location, it may not be possible for us to provide support in person.  At times, phone support does not resolve an issue either.  In these situations and with your consent, we will utilize Bomgar to remotely connect to your computer and assist you.

Available to

  • UW-Madison School of Education faculty and staff
  • University-owned School of Education PA, TA, or student hourly or production shared use computers


  • Full support – University-owned computer, less than three years old, with full warranties in place
  • Limited support – University-owned computer, original purchase date between 3 and 7 years ago
  • No support – University-owned computer, original purchase date 7 or more years ago; computers that no longer comply with the UW-Madison Policy on Electronic Devices Connected to the UW-Madison Network; computer purchases with personal funds; computers managed by WCER Technical Services