Summer Reserves Due at MERIT Library by June 5

Please note that reserves requests for the Summer Semester are due at MERIT Library by June 5, 2017 in order to be available at the start of the semester.

EReserves appear online as part of a web resource called “Library Course Pages”, which can be found within the MyUW portal.  “Library course pages” are intended to be collaborative between faculty and library staff, and serve as a web vehicle to post EReserves online.

Contact Jim Jonas with questions about posting library instruction resources for students.

Keep the following in mind when submitting Reserves requests:

— Provide complete citations for items being placed on electronic reserves.  We need the author & title of the book/journal, copyright date and copyright holder.  For books, you can simply photocopy/scan the title page and (usually) the back of the title page, which gives the copyright information.  If you need assistance in identifying the citation for these materials, please ask MERIT Library reference staff for assistance.

— If you would like items that are currently on reserves (from spring) kept on reserves for the summer semester, please let Donna Meicher know as soon as possible.  If she does not hear from you, they will be removed at the end of the spring semester.

You may print the Reserve List request form, fill it out and return to Donna Meicher at 368 Teacher Education Building.  Or, you may submit your request electronically using our online request form.

For more information, see our guidelines for placing items on reserves at MERIT Library.  You may also want to review the campus libraries reserve policy.

If you have questions or concerns about the MERIT Library reserves process, you may contact Donna Meicher, Jim Jonas or Anna Lewis.

COURSE-RELATED CUSTOM INSTRUCTION SESSIONS focused on technology skills, technology integration, and information literacy are available from MERIT Library. Please see our Course Related Instruction webpage for more information.